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The Traditional Acupuncture Centre, 19 Binswood st, Leamington Spa. Warks. CV32 5RW

Sarah Bradshaw Advanced Acupuncture

Experienced, Safe and Effective.

Tel :07989 238969 

Traditional Acupuncture- Frequently Asked Questions

Does acupuncture hurt?

The sensation experienced ranges from feeling nothing to a sharp pinch. The needles used in acupuncture are very fine unlike those used for injections which are hollow and a lot wider. Clients are often surprised that the treatments are relatively painless. If you are worried about needles please tell your practitioner.

How many treatments will I need?

New clients, depending on the conditions being treated and how long you have had the problem, are advised to have at least 4 treatments. Some clients will need more treatments and this will be discussed during your treatment. Acupuncture is also used to maintain good health with monthly or quarterly treatments.

What is the difference between traditional acupuncture and medical acupuncture?

Traditional acupuncture is very different from western medical acupuncture or dry needling as it is sometimes referred to. These forms of acupuncture do not use acupuncture holistically i.e they are not focusing on treating the root cause of the problem. British Acupuncture Council's Traditional acupuncturists undergo 3 years of training at degree level and at least 30 hours of continuous practitioner development per year. This is in contrast with western medical practitioners that can provide acupuncture following a weekend course. Gp's, physiotherapists osteopaths, midwives and NHS pain clinic staff generally are trained in this way.

Is Traditional Acupuncture safe?

Ensure that your practitioner is a member of the British Acupuncture Council. All members are fully qualified and have to follow a strict code of conduct. All acupuncture needles are sterilised and single use. British Acupuncture Council members also undergo continuing practitioner development.

Why is Traditional Acupuncture expensive?

Take into account that a traditional acupuncturist is a professional that has trained for 3 plus years to degree level, and is likely to have been in practice for a number of years. Traditional acupuncture is charged at a similar level to physiotherapy and other professional health care provision which is still less than you would probably pay for a visit to a hairdresser.

Where will the needles be placed ?

Needles can be inserted into a number of places and often the positioning does not correspond to the area of pain. This is due to there being at least 365 locations, most of which umber of have a number of differing uses.

Tel: 07989 238969

Traditional Acupuncture Centre

19 Binswood St, Leamington Spa.

Warks. CV32 5RW